Have Your Say-Drop and Stride Zones

Have your say!
Mildura South Primary School is asking for parent feedback and input on potential DROP and STRIDE/ RIDE and STRIDE zones to be installed for use in term 2, 2017.
What are they?
DROP and STRIDE zones are a place away from the school where parents can safely drop their children. Children will then walk or ride a short distance to school together with other students also using the zone.
RIDE and STRIDE zones are similar and would involve students walking/riding together to a safe pick up point at the end of the school day.
Note: We do not encourage unsupervised riding for children under 10 years of age.
Why are we trialing these zones?
· To improve student safety by reducing traffic congestion in school zones.
· To promote increased physical activity for children and families.

Please help us develop this initiative by filling out our Survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/H5DZX9C
Any and all feedback is welcome!

6D Square Numbers

Today we learnt about what a square number is. A square number is 2 of the same numbers that multiplies to an answer. We used counters to make an array and see how square numbers work.
By Chloe! 6D

Technology in 1T

1T’s technology challenge today was to build a tower using cups or paper and cups.



Year Level Newsletters

Year Level Newsletters provide Southie families with information about programs happening throughout the year. An Open Classroom evening is scheduled for this Tuesday, 21st February from 5:30-6:30pm.
Prep Info letter to families 2017

3-4 Unit Information Letter 2017

Year 2 information letter 2017

Information Letter Grade 5 2017

Gr. 6 Newsletter

1/2 D Design Process

In 1/2D we have been learning about the design process (plan, build and reflect). When we built domino towers we practised planning, then using our plan to build our tower. After that, we reflected and thought of ways we could make our tower better.

Aussie of the Month

Mildura South PS
Aussie of the Month Schedule 2017

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1 Aussie of Month for February Monday, 6th March 9:10
2 Aussie of Month for March/April Monday, 8th May 9:10
3 Aussie of Month for May Monday, 5th June 9:10
4 Aussie of Month for June/July Monday, 7th August 9:10
5 Aussie of Month for August Monday, 11th September 9:10
6 Aussie of Month for September Monday, 9th October 9:10
7 Aussie of Month for October Monday, 6th November 9:10
8 Aussie of Month for November Monday, 4th December 9:10
Aussie of the Month Schedule 2017

Working with Angles

Today in 6D we did some revision on angles. First we talked about all the things we remembered about angles and drew some on the board. Then we each drew a reflex, obtuse, acute, straight and right angle on little bits of paper. Mrs Humphris mixed the papers up and we got into small groups to sort them out. Next we used a protractor to measure and draw angles. Johnathan

Emergency Evacuation Drill

Last Friday the school had an Emergency Evacuation Drill. I am pleased to report that the emergency procedures and strategies put in place at Mildura South Primary School were successful. When visiting the school, parents and visitors must follow the following procedures during an evacuation.
Emergency Evacuation Procedures for Parents and Visitors
• You will hear an alarm sounding continuously and an announcement over the P.A. system. 

• An announcement will inform you that a ‘code red’ will require an emergency evacuation. 

• Remain with the class group. Move swiftly to the emergency evacuation assembly area. 

• Follow the directions of school staff at all times. 

• Do not accompany students on your own. You must stay with a teacher at all times. 

• If you are not with a class at the time of an evacuation please move towards the nearest exit gate. 

• Please inform a teacher as soon as possible when you arrive at the evacuation assembly area. 

• If possible carry a mobile phone on you at all times. 

Grade 3 History Camp

As part of the Grade 3 History Unit, 75 students and 8 staff recently had a two day camp with a focus on local Indigenous and Pioneer History.
We were lucky enough to have guest presenters such as Willy Hannah and Uncle Peter Peterson, who specialise in local Koori Cultural Education.
It was also our privilege to have Bob Walton join us at the Werrimull Pioneer settlement and Wentworth Museum and Old Gaol.
Bob has been a teacher, principal and university lecturer who is also a passionate local historian.
We also had a fun time at Perry Sand hills.
A wonderful, educational, fun packed time was had by us all!!
Beck White
Grade 3 Camp Coordinator

Grade 3 Geography Unit

As part of our Geography unit, Grade 3 students learnt about Australian states and territories, our neighbouring countries, such as Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand, South America and Africa. We learnt that these continents are all in the southern hemisphere and have interesting weather, plants and animals. Students then made globes of the world.