Book Fair

Our annual Book Fair will be held next week beginning Monday 23rd May and will run until Friday 27th May. A display of books for sale from Ashton Scholastic will be set up in the Learning Centre. There will be a great selection of popular fiction and non-fiction books to choose from. A percentage of the sales from the books is donated back to the school so that we can buy new books for our Library. If you would like to support the school by buying a book you can come along to the Library between 8:30 and 9:00am every morning and between 3:30 and 4:00pm each afternoon. There will also be ‘late night shopping’ on Thursday 26th May when the Book Fair will stay open until 6:00pm with a special visitor between 4 and 5pm.

Prep Open Day

First Prep Open Day.
1st of June any time between 9:00am and 3:30pm.
*Come and visit our Prep rooms and see us in action.
Please contact the school to make an appointment for a tour and to collect enrolment forms.
Principal: Debbie Chandler 5023 2148
Enrolment Poster
option 1

MSPS Outdoor Cinema Night POSTPONED

‘Alvin and the Chipmunks-The Road Chip’
NOW Friday, May 6th
Entry at Albert Street-5:30pm
Presale tickets $5
Tickets at the gate $6
Popcorn, donuts, ice-cream available
BYO chairs, rugs

Harmony Day at MSPS







Students had a wonderful day, dressing up in traditional costumes and participating in activities stimulated by the following Harmony Day resources.
· PREP “The Other Bears”
· GRADE 1&2 “ Marty & Mei-Ling ”
· GRADE 3&4 “Whoever you are”
· GRADE 5&6 “Welcome Home Shukri”

Upcoming Events Term 1, 2016

Events Term 1, 2016

Learning Intentions and Success Criteria

Learning Intentions and Success Criteria
At Mildura South Primary all lessons have clear Learning Intentions and Success Criteria.
What are Learning Intentions and Success Criteria?
A Learning Intention identifies what is about to be learnt, clearly identifying the skills, knowledge and understanding that the students will be focusing on. The Success Criteria is directly linked to the skills, knowledge and understanding outlined in the Learning Intention. If Success Criteria are used well, they will give students the direction to close the gap between where they were and where they need to be in their learning.
Here are some of the students’ and a teacher’s reflection on their experience of Learning Intentions and Success Criteria:
Student Reflections
• Learning Intentions and Success Criteria works for me because I have a goal to aim for in everything and I know when I am successful in all of my work
• I find Learning Intentions and Success Criteria challenging
• I know when I am successful
• Success Criteria helps me to improve
• When I know the Success Criteria I work harder
• Success Criteria helps to keep me focused
• I am clear in my mind what I need to do to be successful
• Success Criteria helps me to achieve my goals
• I can create my own goals and my own Success Criteria
• I work better when I know the Learning Intention and Success Criteria
• I understand what I have to do to be successful
Teacher Reflection
By having Learning Intentions and Success Criteria, I have noticed a change in my student’s positive attitude towards tasks. I think knowing exactly what success will look like for each individual is incentive. Seeing my students beaming with pride and confidence is a huge privilege for me. Feedback from parents is that they are seeing their children come home proud and talking about their success for the day.

Happy Holidays

Wishing all Mildura South PS families a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

Change in School Times 2016

Change in school TIMES 2016

Reading Strategies

Reading Strategies Take Home
We wanted to share this with families as we are very proud of how our Prep’s can talk about the Reading Strategies they are using.

Did you know “Sounding Out” is not as effective as “Chunking” a word? Chunking is when you break a word into parts rather than single sounds. For example “sh-o-p”.

Did you know we NEVER cover pictures when teaching reading? The pictures help a student figure out what is happening in the story. A good mantra for a beginning reader is “Turn the page. Look at the picture. Think about the story. THEN start reading”.

Remembrance Day – IS makes Poppies

1S learned about why people wear poppies on Remembrance Day.