English (or Literacy) is organised into;

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking and Listening

Literacy program-Prep to Grade 6;

  • Literacy outcomes are based on the Victorian Curriculum.
  • All Literacy lessons have clear Learning Intentions and Success Criteria and are centered on students learning and identifying a skill, knowledge or understanding.
  • When learning to read and write, children are matched to lessons which enable them to learn at their own level.
  • 10 hours of Literacy is taught per week.
  • Our school is very well resourced with a wide variety of reading materials provided in all classrooms and the library, including current literacy based technology programs.
  • Children are given small group instruction known as Guided Reading at their level by their classroom teacher. Writing is also taught this way.
  • Reading lessons include developing accuracy, fluency and vocabulary development. MSPS teaches students to develop high level comprehension by connecting to text, questioning, visualising, determining importance, summarising and identifying purpose and audience.
  • Spelling is taught daily through explicit and incidental lessons using research based methods.