Principal’s Message

Mildura South Primary School is a Positive Education School and a member of the Positive Education Schools Association (PESA). We have many programs in place that build a growth mindset towards being our best selves and loving the work that we do each day.

Tomorrow’s Leaders Today (TLT) develops leadership skills in each Grade 6 student, encouraging them to take responsibility for their choices and wellbeing and influencing the positive culture of Mildura South Primary.

The Respectful Relationships Program that is taught from Prep-Grade 6 builds an emotional resilience in our students, where individuals are respected and help seeking is an explicit strategy that we value and teach daily.The Stronger Smarter culture of being stronger in the heart and smarter in head is a part of our every day lives at Mildura South Primary. We have high expectation relationships, honouring all cultures with an inclusive approach to students within all curriculum areas.

Our Positive Education culture values hard work and collaboration. Together as a whole school community we support each other in taking risks and working out of our comfort zone to learn and discover new things about ourselves, our capabilities and what we can accomplish.Each day our students, together with our staff and families adopt Dr Martin Seligman’s principle of PERMA. In doing so we flourish as individuals and as a school community.

P – Positive Emotions
We know that when we experience positive emotions that we are more open to learning and working with others. Each day we have calm time scheduled so that we can pause and check in with ourselves first, then enabling us to check in with others.

E – EngagementWe have engaging school activities and lessons where we know what we are learning and why we are learning it. Students can articulate the learning intention and success criteria for each lesson.

R – Relationships
We thrive on positive relationships. We listen to each other to learn and understand another person’s perspective. We value different people’s stories and cultures and we celebrate diversity in our Mildura South Primary Community.

M –Meaningful
Our learning and experiences at Mildura South Primary are in the context of growing our whole selves. We are taught strategies of mindfulness so that as we pause and notice we can identify the meaning of our learning and tasks in context.

A – Accomplish
We are successful at Mildura Primary School because together we work hard. We support one another through challenges and we listen to each other identify ‘what works’ and ‘why it works’. We celebrate our accomplishments, knowing that it is only through making our own choices and mistakes that we can truly grow.

Marie-Therese Milani

Remote Learning – What does that mean?
Remote learning is learning that happens off school site, in the family home with guidance from teachers and with support from families. It can happen online or offline.  At Mildura South Primary School we have both online and offline learning available to families.

Realistically, remote learning cannot completely replicate the classroom experience, particularly as human connection is fundamental to the teaching and learning experience for primary school children.

Our teachers have planned rich tasks that will continue learning for all students, whether it be online or offline.  One of the advantages of being at Mildura South Primary School is our unique online learning platform from Grades Prep-6.  Families/students will have access to feedback from classroom teachers in Literacy and Numeracy through the week and check-ins as well.  There will be tasks for all students every day that can be supported by families at home.

We note that every family is different and every family has their own routines. It’s up to you how you manage the learning day. The main goal is to set up a regular routine, so that everyone knows what is going to happen each day.

Values for Australian Schooling