Physical Education

At Mildura South Primary School students are encouraged to participate in all PE and Sports activities unless they are unable to do so due to a medical reason. Each grade also takes part in regular activity sessions with their classroom teacher. This enables children to be active throughout the week and supports the development of fitness levels and positive attitudes towards keeping fit. Children in grades 3-6 also take part in 1 hour of sport each week.

Mildura South Primary School has tremendous sporting facilities for physical education and sports lessons. These facilities consist of a large playing fields with football and soccer goals, basketball/netball courts, 2 supergrass tennis courts and a full sized gymnasium. The school also has an extensive range of sporting equipment.

Physical Education
Physical Education lessons are based on the Victorian Curriculum. In the junior school PE sessions are focused around students developing their fundamental motor skills and being able to play safely with other students. Each student also improves their ability to control their movements as well as follow instructions and rules within games. Prep students also participate in a perceptual motor program during term 2. This program helps children gain confidence when tackling cognitive tasks that they need to be able perform each day at school. As the students progress through the school they begin to enhance their skills and tactics that can be used for specific games or sports. Students also explore the benefits of maintaining good levels of health related fitness. Students are expected to participate in all activities. If a student is unable to participate in PE or sport for a medical reason they will need to provide their teacher with a note.

Students in grades 3-6 participate in 1 hour of sport each week. During sports sessions the students focus on building the necessary knowledge and skills to be an active participant in various sports. Grade 5 and 6 students also have the opportunity to represent the school in a wide range of sports. These sports include; cricket, cross country, swimming, football, soccer, hockey, netball, basketball, rugby, volleyball, softball and athletics. All of these sports are governed by School Sport Victoria and provide pathways for children to progress from district through to state level competition.

Students do not require a uniform to participate in physical education or sport at school. If children are representing the school at a sporting event they will be provided with a uniform for that particular sport. Due to the fact that children are regularly active at school they should always wear shoes that are suitable for running. Children are encouraged to have a drink bottle with them when attending physical education or sport.

All students are given the opportunity to participate in a 1 week intensive swimming program that is run by qualified swimming instructors at Mildura Waves or First Stroke Swim School. Class teachers also supervise the children during their swimming sessions.