Remote Learning

Remote Learning – What does that mean?

Remote learning is learning that happens off school site, in the family home with guidance from teachers and with support from families. It can happen online or offline. At Mildura South Primary School we have both online and offline learning available to families.

Realistically, remote learning cannot completely replicate the classroom experience, particularly as human connection is fundamental to the teaching and learning experience for primary school children.

Our teachers have planned rich tasks that will continue learning for all students, whether it be online or offline. One of the advantages of being at Mildura South Primary School is our unique online learning platform from Grades Prep-6. Families/students will have access to feedback from classroom teachers in Literacy and Numeracy through the week and check-ins as well. There will be tasks for all students every day that can be supported by families at home.

We note that every family is different and every family has their own routines. It’s up to you how you manage the learning day. The main goal is to set up a regular routine, so that everyone knows what is going to happen each day.