Our Vision

Mildura South Primary School’s vision is to establish a culture of Positive Education, creating and maintain a harmonious and engaging learning environment where staff and students together experience PERMA:

P – Positive Emotions

E – Engaging Curriculum

R – Relationships that are authentic and positive

M – Meaningful learning and

A – Accomplishment.

Our Values

Infant (Prep, One and Two) Norms – Behaviours we explicitly teach and practise.

Doing our Best

Using Manners

Being Safe

Being Kind and Looking after things

Working towards a shared understanding of our school values: TRICK






Our values are the TRICK to bringing our best selves to school and loving the work that we do (our mission)

Our Mission

At Mildura South Primary we bring our best selves to school and we love the work that we do.

We believe:-

  • All students can achieve high standards given the right time and the right support
  • All teachers can teach to high standards given time, coaching, professional learning and the right assistance
  • High expectations, teaching to the point of need and early ongoing intervention are essential
  • All leaders, teachers and students can articulate what they are learning and what success looks like (Lyn Sharratt 2019)