Our school has effectively used our resources to support student learning in the following ways:


Our rich specialist program offers student learning in Art, Science, Physical Education, Sport, Music, Drama and Musical Instrument tutors.


We employ a School Psychologist. A Support teacher is employed to release our Literacy/ Numeracy and Coaching expert teachers so they can support teaching and learning across the school. A Koori Education Support Officer and a Multi-Cultural Education Officer helps support our Koori and English as an Alternative Language students.


Our Specialist timetable was organised in a way that released all the year level teachers at the same time so they could plan together. Education Support Officers are used for small group daily intensive literacy programs. Yard Duty timetables are set up so teachers can also supervise Play Plan and lunchtime clubs for Chess/Uno/Pokémon.


Large open learning spaces have been utilised for team teaching across some year levels. Our Learning Centre is used for a range of purposes including the Koori HOPE program where students from 4 other Primary Schools are transported to South to participate with our students. Staff professional learning and student programs such as Tomorrows Leaders Today are all held in the Learning Centre.
Class sizes on average were between 20-24 students.


ILPs are developed for Koori students, EAL students, Out of Home Care students, Students with Disabilities, Students 12 months below or 12 months above in either Numeracy or Literacy. Student Support Group meetings are held twice a year for students with ILPs to monitor and set personal and learning goals.