MSPS Policies

Collection_Statement-primary school 2020

Learning Intentions and Success CriteriaFeb21

MSPS Strategic Plan 2015-2018 Final

MSPS Wellbeing and Engagement Policy 2019

MSPS Inclusion and Diversity Policy April 2019

MSPS Child-safe-policy 2020


MSPS First Aid policy and procedures 2019

MSPS Health Care Needs Policy 2019

MSPS Medication Administration policy 2019

MSPS Statement of Values and School Philosophy 2019

MSPS DUTY OF CARE Policies and Procedures 2019

MSPS Yard Duty and Supervision Policy 2019


MSPS Volunteers – Policy 2019

MSPS Visitors Policy 2019

MSPS Child Safety Responding and Reporting Policy and Procedures 2019

MSPS Volunteers – Policy 2019

MSPS Curriculum Framework Policy 2019

MSPS Off-site Supervision Policy 2019

MSPS Staff Code-of-conduct – 2019 Update

MSPS Enrolment policy 2019

MSPS Digital Devices, Socia Media, Internet Use Policy

MSPS Child-safe-policy 2019 Update

MSPS Assessment and Reporting Policy 2020

MSPS CCTV Policy 2020

MSPS Trauma Sensitive School Policy 2020


Purchase Card Policy 2020

Petty Cash 2020

Parent Payment Policy Nov 2019

Cash Handling 2019

Electronic Funds Management 2020

Further updates coming

Lunch Orders

New Lunch Order Forms (PDF)