Visible Wellbeing Curriculum Day Monday 17th February

Visible Wellbeing Mildura South Primary will join Mildura Primary and Chaffey Secondary to continue the learning in establishing a Positive Education culture at all of our schools.  The focus for the day is on identifying and growing our character strengths and the character strengths of our students in order for everyone in our school communities […]

Breakfast Club

On Friday 21st February, we will be introducing a School Breakfast Club which will run every Friday morning in the STEM room before school from 8:30am to 9:15am. ALL children are welcome to attend this FREE program. Our school is participating in the School Breakfast Clubs Expansion Program, an initiative of the Victorian Government Department […]

Curriculum Day – Visible Wellbeing 2019

On Monday November 4, Professor Lea Waters will be coming to Mildura to begin working with Mildura Primary, Chaffey Secondary and continue working with Mildura South Primary as the three schools join together as a community of practice and embrace Positive Education. This will be followed up by a Parent Information Evening for all parents […]

Mildura South Primary School – Positive Education School

For the past two years Mildura South Primary has lived and worked by the philosophy of Positive Education which is based on the theories of Positive Psychology. In 2020 Mildura Primary and Chaffey Secondary will be joining Mildura South Primary in becoming Positive Education Schools.  Martin Seligman a world leader in the field of Positive […]

Aussie of the Month for November

Barry Plant Aussie of the Month Coco shows kindness to others all the time. Coco places the needs of others in front of their own, is selfless and empathises with those around her. She recognises if someone is lonely or sad and will share a toy or just keep them company and she does all […]

Aussie of the Month – October 2018

Durc is a kind, compassionate student and is a great role model to other students. He is very polite and is always respectful to teachers. Durc wears his uniform with pride and always uses his manners. He always follows the school norms and encourages others to do the same. Durc is always eager to do […]

Aussie of the Month for August

– Jack ALWAYS gives 100%. – He is a hard worker. – When something is tricky (and sometimes it is) Jack will always ask for help. – If something doesn’t quite go his way, he shows resilience and bounces back. – Jack shows kindness wherever he goes – He is polite and acknowledges students and […]

Aussie of the Month – June 2018

Indy is a friendly student. She always says “hello” and “good morning” in a cheerful voice to adults and students she sees. Indy is a brilliant helper. She is willing to help both teachers and students and is a responsible helper who can be trusted. Indy is a kind friend. She asks other students to […]

Aussie of the Month – May 2018

Zach is always ready to help others both in the yard and in the classroom. He asks students who have no-one to play to join in with him. Zach shows kindness by helping friends that are sad. Zach loves accepting challenges with his learning. He loves to pair up with his classmates to help and […]