Grade 3 Enviro Edu Visit

On Tuesday, 3G went to see Enviro Edu animals in the Learning Centre. They came to teach us about Australian Native Animals. My favourite animal was the sand goanna because they are strong and can climb trees. Corbin 3G
My favourite animal was the Murray Darling Carpet Python. Charlie 3G

Grade 5 3D Toy Fair

3D Toy Fair
Seb 5T – It was great that everyone could share their ideas.
Caden 5T – It was great to see everyone help each other out. We all had a good time.
Jack 5T – It think it was great that everyone had a say on what to do.
Harry 5T – It was fun that everyone had their inventions showed off and got to have a go.

Naidoc Day

Yesterday we had our NAIDOC Celebration. It began with a whole school assembly. Elijah Brown made the Acknowledgement to Country, Eva Morgan presented the NAIDOC speech, Jacob Rayner and Leila Williams raised the flag. I was very PROUD of our students and could not think of a better way to begin our NAIDOC activities. Activities included cultural games with students from Chaffey Secondary College Clontarf Academy, Dance by the Girl’s Academy also from Chaffey. We were also very fortunate to have Uncle Willy Hannah and Uncle Ernest Mitchell sharing stories, sharing their cultural knowledge and playing the didgeridoo. Aunty Kathy and Uncle Peter Petersen along with the 5/6 Koori students have painted a beautiful picture to commemorate our 2017 NAIDOC celebration.

Aussie of the Month – May

Rory is the most caring and considerate student. He is always aware of how his classmates are feeling and what he can do to help. He assists all of the students and teachers across the school in many ways. Rory has an amazing sense of ‘what needs to be done’, He continually shows initiative knowing when and how to do things so that it makes the lives of others easier and more enjoyable. He is prepared to give up lunch times and recesses to lend a helping hand.
Rory is highly successful with his work, he never gives up, is well aware of areas he needs to improve in and adapts his learning to be the best he can be. He seeks help when he needs it and always follows our norms to help keep himself and others safe.
The teachers in his area greatly appreciate him and love his sense of humour. All of our lives are better having Rory in them.
Congratulations Rory Peterson 5H – Aussie of the Month for May. Rory receives a $50.00 voucher from Collins Books, generously donated by Joe Chisari of Barry Plant Real Estate.

Open Day

Preps have been learning ways to be healthy and keep others healthy. One way is to cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. This was our fun activity for Open Morning.
The Preps have been learning ways to be healthy and keep others healthy

Open Day – Grade 1T Fruit Kebabs

We made fruit kebabs as part of learning to write procedures and as a healthy snack to share with our visitors!

Cleaning Tender

Tenders are invited from cleaning contractors to clean Mildura South Primary School.
Cleaners must be listed on the Department’s Contract Cleaners Panel and should attend a site inspection to be conducted at 4pm on Monday, May 22nd. Contract documents are available at the school office. Register attendance on 50232148.
Applications will close at 4pm on Wednesday, May 31st
Only short listed applicants will be contacted.

Aussie of the Month – February

Barry Plant February Aussie of Month
Tom is a respectful student who speaks kindly to others and shows everyone great consideration. He is always keen to help people and makes sure no one is ever excluded. Tom is extremely tolerant and understanding and appreciates that we are all different. He is very organised with his learning and wastes no time tackling the tasks he is given. Tom’s growth mindset helps him keep a positive perspective even when things get tough. Congratulations to Tom Norton, 3B. February Aussie of the Month. Tom receives a $50.00 voucher from Collins Books, generously donated by Joe Chisari of Barry Plant Real Estate.

Aussie of the Month – April

Barry Plant Aussie of the Month – Nicola always walks into the room with a bright happy smile. She is one of the first to go out of her way to help someone else(eg. helping others to log on to a program). She is the first to offer to help out in the classroom and do jobs. She always tries her best with her work. If it gets tricky she keeps trying and doesn’t give up. In the yard if she sees someone is on their own she will ask them to join in her game. Congratulations to Nicola 1/2D. Nicola receives a $50.00 voucher from Collins Books, generously donated by Joe Chisari of Barry Plant Real Estate.


The Parent’s Club have made the decision to cancel the Cinema Night planned for May 19th. The weather has turned very cold and the grass area is quite damp at night. They want to ensure they get the best possible participation and feel if they have it around the middle of September more families would feel like coming along.