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Aussie of the Month for August

– Jack ALWAYS gives 100%.
– He is a hard worker.
– When something is tricky (and sometimes it is) Jack will always ask for help.
– If something doesn’t quite go his way, he shows resilience and bounces back.
– Jack shows kindness wherever he goes.
– He is polite and acknowledges students and teachers.
– In specialists, he is trustworthy and gets help if something isn’t right.
– Out in the yard, he is always inclusive and fair towards everyone.
– People in the classroom see his leadership each and every day, even though he’s not a grade 6 student. Jack sets a great example for others to follow.

Congratulations Jack Carter 5/6S, Aussie of the Month for August.

Aussie of the Month – June 2018

Indy is a friendly student. She always says “hello” and “good morning” in a cheerful voice to adults and students she sees.
Indy is a brilliant helper. She is willing to help both teachers and students and is a responsible helper who can be trusted.
Indy is a kind friend. She asks other students to play as well as sharing the things she is playing with.
Indy is a successful learner. She listens carefully to her teacher and always tries her best.
Indy has beautiful manners. When she asks for something she says “Please”, when she receives something she says “Thank you” and she always waits her turn.
Congratulations Indi Whitford. June Aussie of the Month.

Aussie of the Month – May 2018

Zach is always ready to help others both in the yard and in the classroom.
He asks students who have no-one to play to join in with him.
Zach shows kindness by helping friends that are sad.
Zach loves accepting challenges with his learning. He loves to pair up with his classmates to help and support them with their learning.
He is always looking for ways to improve his knowledge and understanding of new concepts, even if it gets hard.
Zach loves getting feedback on his work and uses this to improve it every time.
He is consistently modelling the ‘Southie’ strengths of kindness, friendliness, honesty and respect.

Congratulations to the Aussie of the Month for May – Zach Wilson (3M)

‘Southie’ Pop Up Stall

Friday, May 4th
MSPS Gymnasium

Have a PERMA Day

P – Positive Emotions
We know that when we experience positive emotions that we are more open to learning and working with others. Each day we have calm time scheduled so that we can pause and check in with ourselves first, then enabling us to check in with others.
E – Engagement
We have engaging school activities and lessons where we know what we are learning and why we are learning it. Students can articulate the learning intention and success criteria for each lesson.
R – Relationships
We thrive on positive relationships. We listen to each other to learn and understand another person’s perspective. We value different people’s stories and cultures and we celebrate diversity in our Mildura South Primary Community.
M –Meaningful
Our learning and experiences at Mildura South Primary are in the context of growing our whole selves. We are taught strategies of mindfulness so that as we pause and notice we can identify the meaning of our learning and tasks in context.
A – Accomplish
We are successful at Mildura Primary School because together we work hard. We support one another through challenges and we listen to each other identify ‘what works’ and ‘why it works’. We celebrate our accomplishments, knowing that it is only through making our own choices and mistakes that we can truly grow.

Gr 6 Boys T 20 Blast Successful

Congratulations to the Grade 6 Boys T 20 Blast team for winning yesterdays tournament. They now progress to the regional finals.

Aussie of the Month – September

Aussie of the Month – September 2017
Marjerle always has a smile on her face. She gets help if needed and loves to help others.
Marjerle is self-motivated and an independent thinker. She is kind to all and puts others before herself. Marjerle lives with integrity because that is who she is. She is consistently respectful, trustworthy and can be relied on to work hard.

Congratulations to Majerle Hobbs-Wilson 4O– Aussie of the Month for September. Majerle receives a $50.00 voucher from Collins Books, generously donated by Joe Chisari of Barry Plant Real Estate.

Book Week Parade

Great times at the Book Week Parade and Dress Up Day.

Awesome Athletes

Mini Olympics results
Well done to all the athletes who represented our school with distinction.

South Sports Day

Congratulations to Murray House for winning the 2017 House Sports Day.
Well Done also to all the Age Champions.