For the past two years Mildura South Primary has lived and worked by the philosophy of Positive Education which is based on the theories of Positive Psychology.

In 2020 Mildura Primary and Chaffey Secondary will be joining Mildura South Primary in becoming Positive Education Schools.  Martin Seligman a world leader in the field of Positive Psychology states that research supports that if you improve a person’s mental health and emotional wellbeing then the other learning outcomes follow as a consequence.

Seligman’s theory of wellbeing is called the PERMA model.

P – Positive Emotions – feeling good

E – Engagement – being completely absorbed in learning

R – Relationships – Being authentically connected to others

M – Meaning – learning having a purpose and meaning

A – Accomplishment/Achievements – a sense of accomplishment for the work that has been done.

In being a Positive Education School our aim is to enable students to be their best possible selves.  Our students live in a complex world and Positive Education prioritises each individual knowing their character strengths and how they can draw on them when challenged.

As a Positive Education School teachers are constantly drawing on students’ individual characters strengths and finding ways to build PERMA in their classrooms and round the school.

Using a strength based approach to teaching and learning we give our students new ways to see themselves as lifelong learners and develop their growth mindset.