Barry Plant Aussie of the Month
Coco shows kindness to others all the time.
Coco places the needs of others in front of their own, is selfless and empathises with those around her. She recognises if someone is lonely or sad and will share a toy or just keep them company and she does all this without being asked to.
Coco shows kindness with her actions and words – she shares and takes turns, listens to what others need and does good things for others without expecting anything in return. She will give her favourite flavour juice-box to someone who has missed out and just be happy that she has made someone else happy.
Coco makes so many people’s days better just by being in it.
We are so thankful for this Prep girl.
Your kindness is a gift to us all.
Congratulations Coco Petschell, Aussie of the Month for November.