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Emergency Evacuation Drill

Last Friday the school had an Emergency Evacuation Drill. I am pleased to report that the emergency procedures and strategies put in place at Mildura South Primary School were successful. When visiting the school, parents and visitors must follow the following procedures during an evacuation.
Emergency Evacuation Procedures for Parents and Visitors
• You will hear an alarm sounding continuously and an announcement over the P.A. system. 

• An announcement will inform you that a ‘code red’ will require an emergency evacuation. 

• Remain with the class group. Move swiftly to the emergency evacuation assembly area. 

• Follow the directions of school staff at all times. 

• Do not accompany students on your own. You must stay with a teacher at all times. 

• If you are not with a class at the time of an evacuation please move towards the nearest exit gate. 

• Please inform a teacher as soon as possible when you arrive at the evacuation assembly area. 

• If possible carry a mobile phone on you at all times.