On the 16th September 2015 Senior Constable Joe Clarke from the Victoria Police came to visit grade 6 children. The purpose was for Joe to introduce us to the Neighbourhood Watch program. Joe shared information with us about what we can do to protect a crime scene. Did you know that 90% of evidence (finger prints etc.) are destroyed by dads! Did you also know that 95% of all bikes stolen in Mildura are stolen from the front yard of the house! Remember to put your bike behind the gates. Joe showed us how to dust for finger prints and how to preserve finger prints for evidence. We are looking forward to more visits from the Neighbourhood Watch program next term.
Hasan, Kaelah, Luke and Zeek 6N.



6W – This is Dawson’s reflection of the lesson….

“I felt good when Joe was here because I had organised it.
To start off, Joe drew a picture of a house block and showed us where a crime had happened. He asked us, “if you were the cops, what would you do?” Joe then showed us where to tape off the scene, where and how to look for fingerprints and where to look for footprints.
Joe did some examples of where/how to find those things like, fingerprints on a bench top and footprints in the garden.
Next we did finger print dusting. First Joe showed us the different types of dusting dusts. The first was white, it’s used on dark surfaces because it’s easier to see. The second type was black dust, it’s used on light coloured surfaces.
Joe chose me to come up and be an example. I had to run my fingers through my hair, then put my hand on a cup. Joe dusted the cup for my prints and they were very easy to see.
I really enjoyed the lesson because Joe made it interesting. I’m looking forward to our next lessons next term.”