Neighbourhood Watch

On the 16th September 2015 Senior Constable Joe Clarke from the Victoria Police came to visit grade 6 children. The purpose was for Joe to introduce us to the Neighbourhood Watch program. Joe shared information with us about what we can do to protect a crime scene. Did you know that 90% of evidence (finger […]

Grade 1 visit to Coles Supermarket

Today we went to Coles. We got some fruit and water. It was fun. By Ryan Peterson Today 1G and 1Z went to Coles and we met Bec and Bianca. They showed us a secret place, it was a fridge, lift and freezer, then we went to the bakery to watch the man make some […]

Literacy and Numeracy Week Buddy Grade Activities

5P & Prep H caught up on Wednesday 9th September to share our love of learning as part of Literacy & Numeracy Week. Reading activity – Grade 5 buddies read their prep buddies a story online from . Maths activity – Grade 5 buddies used teddies, cars, dinosaurs etc to help their prep buddies […]

Book Week Dress Up Day

Students and teachers had a fabulous day dressing up and participating in numerous literacy activities throughout the day. Many thanks to all parents for supporting students at the parade.