6W Measurement

Students in 6W measured how many of their paces were used to walk 10 metres. They then had areas of the school to estimate the measurement of, measure in paces and then convert this measurement to metres.

Buddies Program

5P & Prep H buddy classes got together on Tuesday to make and eat toast! Prep H were learning about sequencing (the order in which events happen). 5P were learning about procedure texts (ingredients, materials, steps). A fun and yummy experience was had by all!

Stronger Smarter – 5P

As part of 5P’s Stronger Smarter learning we used the ‘You Can Do It’ keys to identify and discuss our strengths. We then chose an area we wanted to improve in and formed expert groups to help each another set goals to work towards. This is a picture of our expert groups: *Persistence *Resilience *Getting […]

Auslan – Prep J

This is Dilpreet’s (PJ) Auslan worksheet from this week. It’s awesome! Students had to watch the signed story and create a storyboard of their interpretations. This week we were focusing on Fairy tales, The 3 little pigs.

1S Science

1S Science – Making Oobleck (something that is a solid and liquid) IS Science – Can a liquid and a solid make a gas?